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John & Steffy.-

Paula has a team of ladies that work for her and when they arrive the first time they clean the house from top to bottom. The first time is sort of the "Deep Clean" and is more expensive but after the first visit she can tell how long it will take to perform a thorough cleaning and her fee is based on that time factor. Paula and her team are fantastic!




Yuliya R. - Description of work: Home cleaning

i really like Paula's Organic Cleaning.  They do a VERY good job.  They are the second company I've used, after having to fire the first company for doing crappy work.  I am very happy with how my home looks after the ladies are done cleaning.

 It's a three-person crew and they charge $85 per hour.  It takes them two hours to clean my 3 bd 1.5 bath home with a full basement.  So it is more expensive than other cleaning services I've tried and priced out.  But it is totally worth the extra money.  I am a really nit-picky meticulous person and I find absolutely nothing to complain about after they're done cleaning.

I highly recommend them.




Tina S. - Full house cleaning


“Friendly and thorough. Place was spotless! Would definitely recommend.”




Laurel H. - Description of work: Deep Clean

The ladies were nice and thorough and use natural products. One of my best house cleaning experiences.




Horacio J. - Description of work: I used Paula's Organic Cleaning for housecleaning

I love that Paula's Organic Cleaning Services . Is done to my satisfaction.

They take care of all the cleaning of my home, kitchen, bathrooms, living, dining, and I'm happy !!




R. S. - Description of work:

Paula's crew methodically went through my house, dusting everything from the ledges above doors to the baseboards and everything inbetween, scrubbing the bathrooms and the kitchen, vacuuming the rugs and anything upholstered (or that didn't move in enough time!)---they did their usual great job!

I've been using Paula's service for the last few months & it's been a real blessing, having the crew here.  Three hardworking women arrive at my door every other Tuesday to perform their magic.  This is my first experience with a housekeeping service---I've been so reluctant to turn it over, but have finally arrived at that point in life when I must--and I couldn't be more pleased. In these months, they've gotten to know where I'm fussiest (no street shoes in the house! please use the vacuum I provide!), how I like things, what needs the most attention, what can sometimes be let go (although they always ask first), and all of this performed with smiles! They're a dream team, this crew.  Now, they're tending to a house that was immaculate to start with---and in hiring them, my intention has been to keep it that way---but they do an excellent job in living up to my expectations.




Mccarthy M. - Description of work: Home cleaning

I've been using Paula's Organic Cleaning for about a year now.  In the beginning it was a little touch and go BUT we had a ton of snow storms, I had an odd schedule, and I have two LARGE dogs (and a couple of other pets), plus we had recently moved from CO where things are a bit different.  They have surpassed my expectations many times over, especially in the last six months!  I worked from home for a bit to get the dogs acclimated to their presence but I couldn't do it long term due to the expectations of my job, and that hasn't been an issue since.

After the first couple of times where we had some mis communication (my fault equally if not much, much more) I can honestly say I couldn't be happier!  They are normally awesome, but this past week, they surpassed awesome, my house looked like a bomb exploded, I had been out of town for a week, I'd had people stay here, AND I had made homemade pasta (wow THAT was a mess!).  Her team FAR surpassed even my consideration of good.  With my crazy busy schedule, I can honestly say that I REALLY look forward to the days when her team comes!  It is honestly the one day bi weekly where I DON'T have to worry about ANYTHING..literally anything, from sheets, to dishes, to vacuuming to "dear god what do I do about the fur"...I can come home, pop open my laptop (did I mention the crazy hours) finish work and simply go to bed.  WELL worth it in my opinion.

Thank you Paula, and please say thank you to your team from me!!!




Jonathan - Description of work: Entire cleaning of 3 story Townhouse using organic products

Paula's Organic Cleaners has been our go-to since we moved in over a year ago. The only good choice we have found that uses organic cleaning products, Paula's crew gets the job done in about two hours. Punctual and professional, we love the flexibility (once a month or so) that Paula's crew has. We have a toddler and our house sometimes gets messier than other times, they do a great job every time. We also love the fact that Paula personally deals with us, is always very responsive and we don't know what we would do without her and her crew. The few times we wanted to add a service (deep clean the oven, fridge etc) they have been accommodating, even last for last minute add-ons.




Max P. - Description of work: Paula's Organic Cleaning service has been our bimonthly home cleaning service for the last 2 years.

Paula's cleaning service has always been wonderful. They are hard working, respectful and very thorough. We came to really look forward to coming home after we knew they were scheduled for cleaning. They use organic products so the house always smelled fresh and not industrial after cleanings.

The ladies are very trustworthy, they had the combination to get into our home when we were not there and we were very comfortable with them being there when we were not.  Paula is very easy to get a hold of and she is extremely accommodating. They were able to do our move out cleaning with only a couple days notice.

For the 2 years that they cleaned for us there were no hiccups or issues. If we could take them with us to Colorado we would!




Louisa W. - Description of work: Regular monthly cleanings and move-in/move-out clean

Paula's team has been our regular cleaners for a few years and always done a great job. They use organic cleaning products (so you never get that bleach smell) and bring their own supplies. They recently performed a detailed move-in clean at our new house and we were very happy with the results. Paula is responsive and professional (email and text) and her teams of 3 are very efficient. She is also very flexible in terms of scheduling. I would recommend her services.




 Shana H. - Description of work: Paula's cleaners have been coming to my house twice a month for general house cleaning for the past two years.

Paula's workers are excellent.  They are prompt, reliable, and flexible on the few occasions when I have requested a schedule change.  The house is immaculate every time they finish.  They dust, vacuum, make the beds, clean the mirrors and glass surfaces, tidy objects around the house, and clean the kitchen from top to bottom.  I don't know exactly what cleaning products they use, but when I return in the evening, the house smells fresh and clean.  I would recommend Paula to absolutely anybody, and they are worth every penny.





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